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Beef Potato Balls

Hi Sis !

I am so excited to share this melt in your mouth dish!!

Well get ready for a taste bud explosion ..!

I love experimenting food , and this recipe is one of my favorite .

It has a complete nutrients and this one is good for one meal!!

Omg im so happy to share this with you .

So if you cook this pls tag me in any of my social media account .

I am so happy to see you cooking the best food ever !

This recipe is good for PCOS AND WEIGHTLOSS .. OOPSSSS

good for baby to!

My son loves it!

Heres the Ingredients :

2 Potato

1 Egg

20g of All Purpose Powder (Arina)




Olive Oil

1/4kilo Ground Beef

Direction :

For Potato :

Boiled the Potato,remove water and mash it .Add Butter, Salt,Pepper , Egg and All purpose powder.. Mix it Well


Heat Pan ,put the ground beef .Add salt and pepper and cook.

If the TWO main ingredients are ready

1.Put all purpose cream in a mixing flat plate . Make the Potato in Circle size and put the ground beef in a middle and seal it . (imagine you are making pancake,dimsum or sandwich .

2. Heat Pan add olive oil and Fry it . Then Serve :)

Oh! this one is my version :) You can make it better ..

Well comment below if you do this .

You can get your free meal plan today!

Message me now!!

Thank you sis :)

Love ,

Coach Barbie .

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