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Hi Sis !

You know what I really love breakfast and snack and thats my favorite meal of the day !

Im so happy to share it with you this mouth watering egg and banana omelette .

It is easy to prepare and its satisfy your Sweet Cravings .

So if your looking whats your alternative to chocolate ! (which contains a lot of sugar and calories)

This recipe will satisfy your cravings to chocolate .

Ingredients :

2 Egg

1 Big Banana

1tsp of chocolate syrup ( Choose a fat free syrup )



  1. Mash Banana

  2. Put Egg and Mix

  3. Heat pan add butter and put the banana and egg

4. Cook for 5 minutes and add syrup .

5. Serve and Enjoy!

Don't forget to send me your picture if you try this!

Promise sis you will enjoy it! Healthy Food is Delicious .

Log your food to your PROWEIGHTLOSS DIARY


Coach Barbie

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