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Healthy Burrito

Im excited to share it with you , my very own burrito that satisfied my craving with RICE.

Every morning I make sure that I satisfied my taste bud with super healthy and delicious food ,for me to get quality energy .

So 20 minutes before breakfast I make sure I take my Provita Probiotics . And this product really help me a lot in my digestion problem and other health conditions. This is a food supplement and I am using this for 4 years now!!

After meal I log my food intake to my Proweightloss Diary and finish the Challenge for today in Jumpstart Calendar .

I make sure that every morning I was able to finish all my morning routine before going to the office . So this BEEF BURITO gives you the right energy to start the day!!

Heres the ingredients

  1. Spinach Wrap ( you can buy in groceries, mine I but in Robinson's )

  2. Kewpie Mayo

  3. Lettuce

  4. Ground Beef (left offer from my previous recipe BEEF POTATO BALLS)

Direction :

  1. Put the kewpie mayo in spinach

  2. Ground Beef (pre cooked add salt and pepper

  3. Add lettuce , you can add low fat cheese if you want like mine .

  4. Roll .

  5. Microwave for 8 minutes and ready to serve .

Be sure to tag me or message me if you do it .

Always remember and follow the portion guide meal and download the Jumpstart Calendar Challenge .

If you don't get it ,pls message me !!

Love you sis


Love ,

Coach Barbie

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