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Eating healthy food is expensive because often fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive than less healthy options. The trend of unhealthy food is gradually increasing and the reason is the most people can’t afford healthy food. Therefore, it can be difficult to eat healthy on a budget.

Nutritious food doesn't have to drain your wallet.

Here are 5 real-world strategies to prioritize healthy foods while reducing cost to get you started: 1. Prioritize Nutrients

  • Plan your meals

  • stick to your grocery lists

  • cook at home

  • cook large portions and use your leftovers

  • don't shop when you're hungry

  • buy whole foods and generic brands

  • avoid buying highly processed food

  • replace meat with other protein

  • buy in bulk and buy your own produce

2. Make most of your meals

  • Slow down

  • Choose whole grain bread instead of refined

  • Add Greek yogurt to your diet

  • Eat eggs, preferably for breakfast

  • Drink enough water

  • Bake or roast instead of grilling or frying

3. Pre- prep your meals

  • Meal prepping is the concept of preparing whole meals or dishes ahead of schedule. It's particularly popular amongst busy people because it can save a lot of time. Having pre-prepared meals on hand can also reduce portion size and help you reach your nutrition goals.

4. Become a savvy shopper

  • To be a savvy shopper, plan ahead for what you want to buy, when to buy and where to buy. Keep stock of what you have in order to identify the items that should go on your shopping list. A list helps to save time and backtracking as it reminds you of what you want to buy. This will be a big help for you stick on your budget.

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