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Shape in Shake Soft Cookie

Hi sis,

I am so excited to share this yummy soft cookie that I always eat when I'm a little bit exhausted . Well its life saving for me haha!

Anyways this is really a good cookie that you can share it with your family and friends .

And if your planning to bake this Valentines! well this one is the best. Make sweets the healthiest .

So lets go and cook !

Ingredients :

A. 2 sachet of Provita Shape in Shake

(Flavors : Caramel Vanila, hazelnut Choco)

B. 1 whole egg

C. 100g of wheat/coconut flour

D. 10g of Dark Cocoa

E. 20ml of almond Milk

F.5ml olive oil

G. 3g of Salt

H. 15g of among nuts

I. 5g of sesame seeds

J. 30g of Whole oats


  1. Mix all the ingedients in one bowl

  2. Ready the pan , add butter to the pan

  3. Put in oven for 150* heat

  4. Cook for 10 minutes

  5. Served and Enjoy !

Yes its easy to prepare and its really satisfy your sweet cravings .

So if your ready to bake now!

Lets go .

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Love ,

Coach barbie

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