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Provita Tropical Smoothie - Reduce Belly

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Hi Mommies,

I know that one of your problems these days is your - belly fats often called “mummy tummy”.

It's the soft pooch that falls below a woman's belly button after she has a baby.

But nothing to worry about now! I'm here to give you the best, delicious, and most helpful smoothie that may help you reduce your MOMMY BELLY.

So let's go and cook!

Tropical Smoothie

Enjoy the tastes of the tropics with a thick, rich and healthy smoothie. It’s packed with fruits, so make sure to pick seasonal varieties- they’re higher in vital nutrients and they taste so much better.

  • 5 mins Preparation Time


  • Combine all ingredients in a countertop blender.

  • Blend on high until the mixture is a smooth consistency.

  • Serves 1 large or 2 small.


  • Pineapple (chilled or frozen) ½ cup

  • Mango (chilled or frozen) ½ cup

  • Peaches (chilled or frozen) ½ cup

  • Low-fat milk 1 cup

  • Vanilla or orange flavored fish oil 1tsp

  • Shape in Shake (equal to 25) 1 sachet and 5.9 tsp

This smoothie will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings.

At the same time, it will make you feel fuller the whole day - to avoid unhealthy cravings that cause BIG BELLY.

Sip, Sit, and Enjoy!

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Also, our special ingredients - Shape in Shake contains all the nutrients you need in one meal.

Click the image to get full info :

Love you sis!

Tag me once you created the recipe.



Coach Barbie

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